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1 Low Cost and Underrated Strategy on How to Increase Organic Ranking on Amazon (2023)

In this post, we discuss a low-cost and underrated strategy on How to Increase Organic Ranking on Amazon this 2023.

The strategy is heavily utilizing SPANISH KEYWORDS.

An estimated 41,757,391 US residents speak Spanish at home or 13.5% of the population. That’s a huge market for your Amazon business.

First, here are the three factors that you should focus on if you want to increase your organic ranking:

1. Increase Sessions (visits/clicks)

Sessions are visits to your product page within 24 hours. Multiple views within 24 hours only count as one session.

2. Increase Conversion Rate (Unit Sessions Percentage)

Unit session percentage rate = units ordered / # of sessions. The average rate on Amazon is 12.3%. You may be in danger if you’re below that benchmark. Make sure your photos are sharp and tell a story, your reviews are at least four stars, and you’re priced competitively. 

3. Clickthrough Rate (CTR)

The number of shoppers who clicked on your ad out of the total number of impressions it received. on Amazon, the average CTR is about 0.4%, including all types of ad placements. 

Generally speaking, a CTR above this average, at 0.5% or higher, is considered a good CTR. A high CTR means your product listings are getting more traffic, and it indicates a strong listing. A CTR above 0.5% means that your price, value, and ratings combined make an offering that is attractive enough to customers that they are clicking on it.

Amazon will highly favor you if you have a high CTR & conversion rate because they get the spend on the click if it was via PPC and the referral and FBA fees if you make a sale. So, it makes sense that they reward sellers that are high on these metrics.

A high CTR & CR creates a closed loop of positive effects on your rankings, reviews, & sales. 

Improving these metrics is easier than done. Bidding on high search volume keywords would spike your ad cost as they’re so competitive. Aside from increasing your ad cost, ranking on these keywords will take much longer.

This will work if done well because it’s less competitive, will increase sales, and if you use the right keywords, you’ll increase the CTR & CR. This will then lead to a domino of more and more sales and increased rankings.

This will be challenging, and it’s not a good idea to put Spanish keywords in the title if you’re selling in the US. Here are the steps to implement this strategy.

A. Get Inspiration - First, you need some inspiration on what keywords you’ll play around with. You can

  • Google translate
  • Amazon Mexico 
  • Amazon Spain
  • Checking for Spanish keywords in Helium10 Magnet

B. Once you get some popular MAIN keywords, try putting them in Helium10 and see what other Spanish keywords come up.

C. Put them in these places:

  • ALT text of your photos (Name)
  • ALT text of A+ content 
  • Backend search terms if there is still space available, which will be if you don’t repeat those in the front of the listing and backend.

We hope this strategy on how to increase organic ranking on Amazon was helpful. Play around with this, and don’t forget to track and analyze.

Remember, ranking takes time, so don’t expect this to work immediately. Good luck!

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