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Are You Ignoring This Critical Amazon PPC Strategy for 2023?

In this post, we discuss an often-overlooked Amazon PPC strategy.
This is a very important PPC strategy to really make money on Amazon and create a domino of success. Plus, with rising CPCs, FBA fees, and inflation, it’s now more important than ever to truly pay attention to all the numbers affecting your business. 
The PPC strategy I’m going to talk about is NEGATIVE TARGETING.

2 main reasons why they are essential:
1. Amazon PPC spending will make up a big chunk of your cost.
2. A high click-through rate and conversion rate are critical for ranking, sales, and profits.
So how do you implement this critical Amazon PPC strategy to succeed in selling on Amazon in 2023?
1. See what keywords/targets have a very high ACOS or low conversion rate. Find the pattern. If you see that a 0.20% CTR usually leads to very high ACOS then it’s time negative that target. This will depend on your product, so find some patterns and negative consistently. Ideally, at least monthly.
2. Still the same strategy as above find patterns. This time in your conversion rate. If you keep seeing a 7% conversion rate with 100% acos that is not a highly relevant keyword then you can negative that keyword
3. Again, focus on the mindset that you’re not missing out on sales on these keywords but rather want to focus your budget and energy on keywords/targets that are working. We tend to focus on what we’ll lose but miss on what keywords could drive sales and profits further.
4. This is a more advanced strategy, but if you’re tracking keywords in Helium10 and you find a main keyword that is only doing breakeven but pushing your ranking then try keeping that keyword for now and diagnose how you could make that profitable.
1. If you’re only selling certain colors, negative in advance other popular colors. If you sell black and white and pink is a popular keyword, make sure to negative that in advance
2. If you sell a toy for toddlers, then negative the lower and higher age bracket
3. If you sell a kit and you’re missing some stuff on the kit then negative them
4. If you sell a certain size, like one size only, then negative other sizes
5. If you’re a premium product, then negative the keywords cheap, affordable, clearance, etc
6. If you’re selling let’s say skinny fit, then negative lose fit, regular fit, etc.
7. You can also check your reports again and negative in advance irrelevant keywords/targets that are appearing
You need a solid Amazon PPC strategy to succeed long term. This is important because as months and years go by, you’ll grow your campaigns you’ll increase your likelihood of keyword/target overlaps, and not look at campaigns much closer than before.
It’s important you review weekly, monthly, quarterly, or as needed to ensure you don’t have money pits in your Amazon PPC strategy.
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