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how to Increase Amazon Sales

How to Increase Amazon Sales with Less Amazon PPC Advertising (2023)

In this post, how to increase Amazon sales with less Amazon PPC advertising this 2023. 4 main principles to follow to succeed.

If your product has good demand then you have nailed the first step to getting good sales.

The 4 principles below are the next step you can follow to increase sales.

  • Increase sessions (visits/clicks)
  • Increase conversion rate (Unit sessions percentage)
  • Increase clickthrough rate (CTR)
  • Increase the average order value

Amazon will highly favor you if you have a high CTR & conversion rate for the simple reason that they get the spend on the click if it was via PPC and the referral and FBA fees if you make a sale.

A high CTR & CR creates a closed loop of positive effects on your rankings, reviews, & sales. 

There are many things you can do to improve them. You can slowly test and see what works for you. See some suggestions below.


how to Increase Amazon Sales
how to Increase Amazon Sales

Coupons and lightning deals get featured in the deals section in Amazon so these are ways to increase sessions without spending more on PPC.

Another thing that coupons/promotions/lightning deals do is improve your CTR. When you have a discount it gets highlighted beside your title. Customers are more likely to click on product pages with a discount.

A drastic reduction in price can improve your ranking and make you win the buy more. These increased ranking will gain you more eyeballs and thus more sessions.


how to Increase Amazon Sales
how to Increase Amazon Sales

Customer are visual creatures. They mostly check your photos first before reading anything else in your listing.

When you have vivid high definition photo customers are likely to click on your product beside competitors with dull photos. This is particularly important if you’re in the kids’ toys niche.


Customers need just the right amount of information about what’s important to them. You can check these on the top keywords in the reviews section of your top competitors.

Customers want guarantees and assurance that when they have concerns you’ll be there to take action promptly.


The quality of your keywords will dictate:

  • How you’ll rank
  • How your customers will react when they reach your site
  • How much you’ll spend

You can see the best keywords using Helium10. To save you time and money you can use the keywords that your top competitors are ranking for.

Read our post on how to do keyword research on your competitors using Helium10.

After getting your list of keywords does the following:

how to Increase Amazon Sales


Be smart and careful with every dime you spend on PPC. If you sell black shoes then negative white shoes.

If you have a keyword that gets you sales but isn’t profitable negative them out. There are other keywords/targets that can use the budget better.

If you have a keyword that is getting 1 click after 2000 impressions then this is probably not a good keyword for you to waste your energy and money on. Plus, it will just lower your CTR.


  1. Coupons 
  2. Lightning deals
  3. Increase your CTR
  4. Lower your price
  5. Keywords (Focus on the title for highest impact. Refresh as needed. For PPC start only with a few top keywords you scraped from competitors)


  1. Coupons
  2. Promotions
  3. Lightning deals
  4. Lower your price
  5. Improve your keywords
  6. Improve your copywriting
  7. Improve your images
  8. Improve your product be it in design or function.
  9. Check your refund rates
  10. Add an incentive or a freebie


  1. Coupons
  2. Lightning deals
  3. Increase your CTR
  4. Lower your price
  5. Improve your MAIN IMAGE


  1. Virtual bundles
  2. Upsell/cross on your own listings

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