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Which type of products should sellers sell on Amazon

Which Type of Products Should Sellers Sell on Amazon? 11 Tips You Need to Know

In this post, we which type of products should sellers sell on Amazon in 2022 to make money. Read 11 tips you need to know today. 

Your product is the foundation of your success selling on Amazon FBA and you cant change this easily once you have launched.

Your product will the many aspects of your Amazon FBA business, more importantly, the profitability so it is crucial that you get this right.

Read 11 tips below to help you on what product to sell on Amazon this 2023.

1. It should be MORE THAN $15

Which type of products should sellers sell on Amazon

Ideally, the more expensive your product is the better (Up to some extent).

The reason is that most FBA fees fall around the 30% range. So if your product is 15$ your fees will be $3. 

This is ok but doesn’t expect a lot from this product, especially if this has moderate demand.

After all the expenses you might just be left with a $1 profit.

Also, when your product is below $15 let’s say $10 your fees will go up to up to 60% so it really kills your profits.

The ideal range is around $20$-$50. This range is still easy to sell and very profitable if you sell a lot.

When it’s above $50 it will require more thinking on your customers’ end and they are likely to buy on the spot so it’s slower to sell.

This is also isn’t a bad thing as it will be profitable. 

Just keep in mind that the cheaper the product the higher the fees and lower profitability while the more expensive the product is the harder it is to sell on Amazon.

Especially, if you don’t nail your PPC advertising, product page, etc.

2. It should have an EDGE

Which type of products should sellers sell on Amazon

When you want to sell on Amazon don’t just sell a complete copycat of your top competitor.

This doesn’t even have to be an additional feature even improved packaging or adding freebies can make you stand out.

Don’t get me wrong you can definitely sell a copy cat but just be prepared to wow your customers through other means and be prepared to play the price war.

3. It should be SMALL

When your product is small it will have lesser Amazon FBA fees and storage fees. You’ll also pay small shipping charges.

4. It should be LIGHTWEIGHT

Still in relation to Amazon FBA fees. The lighter the cheaper your shipping & Amazon FBA fees will be.

Which type of products should sellers sell on Amazon

5. It should be within your BUDGET

Which type of products should sellers sell on Amazon

When you sell on Amazon it’s not enough to just test out the product and see if it works.

It usually works when you have enough budget to get your spot on the market.

First-time buyers usually just buy a few units to test selling on Amazon but that’s not the best approach as you can’t really say for sure that you’ve failed or not.

During the launch phase, it’s important for you to have lots of inventory to drive lots of sales CONSISTENTLY.

This is important when ranking which is important to get more sales and be more profitable in the future.

When you don’t have enough inventory you will deal with out-of-stock issues immediately and with clogged pores and messy logistics it’s best that you buy enough inventory for the months it takes to get a good market share.

Also, the launch phase is the only time Amazon will help you with ranking so it’s best you make use of this time.

6. It should be GOOD QUALITY

Which type of products should sellers sell on Amazon

A bad quality product will have bad reviews which will heavily affect your reviews which will affect your conversion rate. 

That means you’ll have to spend more on advertising to sell your product to convince customers to buy.

This leads to a lot of wasted PPC spending & high refund rate which will deplete your profits

7. It should be a product you LIKE

When you have a product you like you’ll likely take care of it.

I didn’t mention passion or love as sometimes that can blind us if the product we love has low demand and little profit margin.

8. It should have high DEMAND

Again, this is something truly out of our control.

We can’t create and optimize demand. The other factors we can easily control but not if the product doesn’t have demand.

9. It should not be RESTRICTED

As a first-time buyer, you don’t want to immediately delve yourself into the world of gated products.

Amazon is terrible at dealing with compliance so don’t deal with this headache unless you’re more experienced or can hire experienced staff or Amazon virtual assistants.

10. It should not be TRENDY

When you see a product that has good demand and profitability please check other factors as well as maybe the product is just trendy. 

You don’t want to be stuck with 1000 units of a dying product.

11. It should not be FRAGILE

Fragile items just create a lot of problems and will lead to a bad review.

This is out of your control so don’t do this to yourself.

Even if it wasn’t your fault the customer will leave a bad review.

You can get this removed by asking Amazon but some customers will already see them and get deterred from buying.

Good luck on your journey!

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