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What are Amazon product image requirements

Amazon Image Requirements Plus Tips – Increase Sales Using These Simple Techniques

In this post, we discuss the Amazon image requirements plus tips to have a better Amazon product page in 2022.

Did you know that if you hear a piece of the information three days later you’ll only remember 10% of it but if you add a picture you’ll remember 65%? Quite a fascinating jump isn’t it?

Your main image is one of your gateways to success selling on Amazon FBA. Here are 10 easy steps to improve your main image today.


Make it BIG

Conversions happen on mobile so you need to make sure you’re occupying as much space as possible.

Make it vivid/high Definition

The main principle you need to follow is you need to do whatever it takes to get more attention. Strong & deep colors will connect with your customers’ eyes.

What are Amazon product image requirements

Make it vivid/high Definition

Even though you want to make it vivid, please make sure that you’re still showing the color accurately. For example, If you’re selling art you need to make sure to show colors as is or you’ll risk getting bad reviews. A major cause of negative reviews is people feeling deceived.

Make it clear

Make it clear what you’re selling. Sometimes sellers add the box and the product itself with the box taking away the focus on the product.

What are Amazon product image requirements

Show the quantity

This is something many sellers miss and take for granted and is costing them thousands of sales. For example, if you’re selling a bundle of 10 but showing only a bundle of 5 in the main image then the customer will think your product is too expensive and will click on the next best option.

What are Amazon product image requirements

Show the competitive advantage

If for example, your product is waterproof try showing in the main image a picture of water splashing over your product. Don’t overdo this as it might not get approved.

What are Amazon product image requirements

Make it high definition

if you’re selling supplements for example then the texts should be clear when zoomed in. This fact alone will really entice your customers when they see how clear the texts are and the benefits they’re looking for are clearly visible.

For example, they’re looking for zinc, magnesium etc. If they’re clearly visible customers are more likely to click on your product versus the competitor that is not immediately showing what they’re looking for.

Make this count. Another thing in relation to my point above about quantity is that if your packaging has a quantity then making it high definition will show the customer the correct quantity.

Lastly, a high-definition image signals that you’re a credible & premium brand.

What are Amazon product image requirements
What are Amazon product image requirements

Make it high definition

Making it cohesive makes your customers trust you. For example, you have a very beautiful main image but the next images are terrible. It creates a disconnect and customers will lose trust.

This might not sound like a big deal but customers are smart and will know how much effort you’ve put into your listing.

They appreciate beauty, uniformity, and organization just like how you’d like your home or life to be.

What are Amazon product image requirements

Do follow all requirements by Amazon -

Start by meeting the minimum dimension of 500 pixels on the image’s longest side. Best practice would be at least 1000px so your customers can zoom in.

Copy what works

Sometimes you just don’t need to overthink this. Usually what your top competitors do is what you should be doing because it’s what works.

Prepare different versions and see what works. Don’t forget to track important metrics, especially your click-through rate.

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