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Simple Amazon Product Launch Strategy for 2023

In this post, we discuss a simple Amazon product launch strategy that works.

With fees and competition more fierce than ever, it’s crucial that you launch your product properly.

A solid Amazon product launch strategy is especially needed if you want to profit as soon as possible.

1. Do exact match campaigns only in the first few days

Doing exact match campaigns first guarantees higher CTR & conversion rate because you’re only bidding on your most relevant keywords. This will result in a higher ranking and lower wasted spend. Amazon rewards this because they get the ad spend and the FBA & referral fees associated with the sale.

As the days go by and you get more data, expand to broad and phase, and don’t forget to negative in each campaign. No need to negative in exact.

2. Focus on your root keywords

Again, it’s vital to focus on relevancy in the beginning. During the launch, you’re just introducing your product and want to present it to the algorithm as accurately as possible.

For example, you might want to focus on a few roots at a time. Let’s say you sell “beard straightener” then you would focus on these roots in the listing and PPC. Another root could be “heated beard brush” you can test this as well.

Just make sure to track what’s working.

3. Focus on a few keywords

Tracking is essential and it would be hard for you to track so many keywords simultaneously.

Also, if you put too many keywords in one campaign you might skew the campaign’s performance.

There might be a few keyword outliers if you don’t look closely.

4. Make sure root keywords are in the listing & other relevant KW

Bulk up your listing both in the front end and back end while still making it readable and flow smoothly.

Put the best keywords in the title, then the top 3 bullets and the description. Don’t forget search terms and audience targeting.

5. Make sure your main image fills the whole white space, is bright, and vivid

You and your competitors are all competing for attention. Naturally, if you are bigger, brighter, and more vivid your customers’ eyes will navigate toward your product.

6. Price significantly lower than the top sellers

Pace your pricing. This is the quickest way to get the buy box and your customer’s attention.

You don’t have to mary this pricing you can change it immediately as you get more reviews and you have refined your click-through and conversion rate.

Try different pricing per week. For example, 40% off in week 1, 30% in week 2, etc.

7. Make sure your secondary image highlights the essential benefits

How do you know the critical benefits? You can check using Helium10’s review analysis feature.

See what the most repetitive keywords are and focus on them in your title and bullets.

Also, you can do it manually and check the Q&A as well.

You can see what’s not being addressed by your competitors in their listing and what you can focus on.

8. Track everything

Best Tool For Amazon Product Research

If you have Helium10 it would be easy for you to track your listing score, keyword movements, and so on.

You can also do it manually in a spreadsheet. Track a few important keywords every day.

Don’t forget to track your improvements on mobile as well, and don’t feel bad if you rank lower on desktop because mobile rankings are much different.

This particular Amazon product launch strategy is important because what doesn’t get measured doesn’t get managed.

There are so many keywords, competition, factors, and fees associated with selling on Amazon.

You need to track what’s important and act accordingly based on your analysis.

It’s so easy to waste money on PPC, and fees, and not maximize your chance of success on Amazon if you don’t track.

We hope this Amazon product launch strategy was helpful. 

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