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how do you do keyword research on Amazon

How to do Keyword Research on Amazon That Will Beat The Competition (2023)

how do you do keyword research on Amazon

In this post, we’ll answer the questions. Firstly, how do you do keyword research on Amazon & which tools are the best for the job?

Secondly, the best way to get views is to rank higher when customers search for your product on Amazon.

And most importantly, we need to set up your product page for Amazon’s search engines to easily find in order to make sales.

The shortcut to doing this efficiently and effectively is to spy on your successful competitors.

With Helium10 we can easily know what keywords the competitors are using that we can use on our own.

Helium10 can easily give us relevant keywords for our product and those that make sales. Not just empty filler keywords but keywords that bring in the money.

Read below as we go over how to use the Helium10 Cerebro tool to get the keywords that your competitors are ranking for.

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Copy the ASIN number of your product and paste it into Helium10 Cerebro and click “Get Competitors”. For example, let’s try the product ASIN B07TBBG2F

how do you do keyword research on Amazon

2. See who are the best sellers of similar products.  

Keep in mind that some products that aren’t super relevant to you might be included and have completely different features. 

Exclude this as you don’t want keywords related to the color pink if your product is color black.

how do you do keyword research on Amazon

3. After you're done compiling the top ASINs, open cerebro again for a new search.

Copy at least 6  ASINs of the product that is very similar to yours and paste them in Helium 10 Cerebro. 

The principle here is you should have enough ASINs to work on. 

how do you do keyword research on Amazon

4. Click the “Get the Keyword” button.

5. Results would show thousands of keywords. But what we are looking for are the best keywords which are usually not more than 50 keywords depending on your niche.

To do this, click the “Advanced Filters” tab or click “Show More” 

The principle here is you’ll be using this in your listing so you won’t need a lot.

Also, you’ll be bidding on this in PPC which will cost you a lot of money so we need to focus on only a few for now.

how do you do keyword research on Amazon

6. Go to "Ranking Competitor" and filter it to a minimum of  50% of the number of competitors then click the Apply button.

Example you put 6 ASINs, then you should put 4 here.

You can tweak this to your liking. If the results are too many then you can put 60-80%. Up to you.

7. Go to the Competitor Rank Average and filter it to a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 30, click the Apply button.

You might wonder why 1 to 30. There’s no point on going for keywords ranking worse as the sales happen in these rankings.

8. Go to the Search Volume and filter it to a minimum of 200 search volumes, click the “Apply” button.

As a note this will depend on your niche so for example you’re in a very competitive field then you might want to put 300.

This is just to lessen your analysis paralysis and focus only a few top keywords.

how do you do keyword research on Amazon

9. Download the search result. It would show only 82 filtered keywords remaining from 14, 330 in the previous search result.  

how do you do keyword research on Amazon

We hope you enjoyed our article about how to use Helium 10 to find your competitor’s keywords.

We understand how important SEO is when selling on Amazon. It’s a worthwhile investment that would make you a lot of sales and save you a lot of money in the long run as you lessen your investment in PPC advertising.

With this foundation, we hope you could have a foolproof product listing and strategic PPC advertising.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave us a comment and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks for reading!

We worked hard on this post so if you like our content we’d highly appreciate a comment or kindly share it with those who might benefit. Thank you!


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