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How to design Amazon Product Page

How to Design Your Amazon Product Page to Increase Sales (2023)

In this post, we’ll teach you how to design Amazon product pages that get visits and sales this 2022.

Images are really important aspects of an Amazon FBA business. You just can’t take this part likely.

How to design Amazon Product Page

It’s ok to use images from suppliers if it’s already good but kindly take some time to put branding elements and make it your own.

For example, the MAIN IMAGE holds a lot of weight in improving your CTR (Click-through rate). It’s the second step of the customer journey after getting found in search or in the ads.

There are hundreds of Amazon sellers competing for attention so make sure yours stand out. This is a factor you can control and optimize in many ways.

Price, product, and SEO are not 100% in our control & take time but creativity has no limits. 

Price is heavily influenced by the market, improving your product is costly and time-consuming, & SEO takes time so your images and videos are one of the shortest ways you can make more sales on Amazon.

This is a fast & high-impact approach strategy where you’ll immediately see results compared to changing other aspects of your Amazon FBA business to improve sales.

If you follow the steps below you’ll definitely see improvements in your click-through rate and conversion rate (unit sessions percentage) 


How to design Amazon Product Page

1. Make it vivid

Simply making an image brighter and more colorful will make you stand out among competitors. You can simply edit this using the “vibrance” feature in Photoshop or other photo editing software.

2. Make it big

80% of shopping happens on mobile. So making it occupy a lot of white space will attract your customers using a small screen. 

3. Make it high definition

A high-definition image that is sharp & bright is ALWAYS attractive.

4. Copy what the top sellers are doing

 You really don’t have to reinvent the wheel here. Sometimes you see many sellers doing the same thing for the simple reason that it’s what works.

5. Show the color, quantity, box, etc

 If you sell a 10-pack item and only show 1 in the main image the customer will think you’re only selling 1 and your price is too expensive.

6. Only put one benefit/main selling point per image

it’s actually counterintuitive to put so many points in an image. It won’t register in your customer’s heads. One thought per image makes the benefit stick. Don’t put a bunch of bullet points and so much text in your images. 

How to design Amazon Product Page

7. Put a testimonial

A testimonial always helps. Customers will believe testimonials of strangers just the same as word of mouth from someone they know.

How to design Amazon Product Page

8. Put a lifestyle image

 Making your customer image themselves using your product always help.

9. If possible for the lifestyle images and video make the actor your target customer


How to design Amazon Product Page

1. Make it simple

 No need for over-the-top production. You can use Canva, Animoto, and other free software to edit.

How to design Amazon Product Page

2. Raw videos

 Raw videos from influencers even small influencers will convert just as well as a high production video. Also early on you don’t know what works. When you have more data then you can make a more expensive production video. 

3. Unboxing video

I’m sure you’ve noticed that unboxing is a really popular type of video. From electronics to cosmetics. It gets a lot of views and conversions. It’s like opening a present. Customers can get the feeling of excitement in unboxing videos.. It truly makes them imagine what it’s like getting your product and opening it for the first time.

How to design Amazon Product Page

4. Testimonial

Customers are smart and would like to get insights on what using the product is truly like. So making an informative, concise, and entertaining video at the same time truly helps to make sales.

5. Benefits video

 The same thing with the thought about images. Showing your product in action highlighting the various benefits also is helpful to convince the customer to buy


How to design Amazon Product Page


Choose a maximum of 3 font styles and make sure they go well together. You can choose many font templates in Canva.


You need to take into account the colors of the actors clothes, the color platter of the overall picture. There are many color palette generators. You can also try in Canva.


Where you’ll put the texts and the subject is important in getting your customers to focus on what’s important.


 Have a call to action in the images and video that won’t break Amazon’s policies 


How to design Amazon Product Page
1. Make a banner image with a unique value proposition. You can simply get the top benefit of your product in the reviews.
2. Social proof/reviews.
3. More in-depth benefits section.
4. Make a section promoting your other products for an upsell cross to increase your other products. But make sure it makes sense and you’re not simply throwing products that aren’t a good fit.
5. Make sure everything looks good on mobile view.


1. Don’t overstuff with unnecessary images and texts. More isn’t better.
2. But, contrary to the point above, those that are interested will read your content so don’t be afraid to make it longer if it makes sense according to your target customer and product.
3. Don’t get technical - Customers don't have the same level of knowledge as you. So use simpler words. Don’t use the term mobile dentures if you just mean “loose teeth’. Don’t use the word “neuro decimating” if you mean a headache.
4. Don’t forget about SEO in your images & video. Just put some keywords in the file name together with the ASIN.
5. Don’t forget to put alt text
6. Don’t settle after following the tips in this blog. Continue to test and see what works for you and your brand.
7. Test 1 factor at a time. For example, just test the main image for a month and see how that goes. Don’t go overboard overhauling your whole product page as that might not be necessary, especially in terms of cost.

We hope we gave you some insights on how to design Amazon product pages that sell.

Good luck on your Amazon selling journey!

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