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Is amazon FBA worth it 2022

Is Amazon FBA Worth it in 2023? Here are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Selling on Amazon

In this post we’ll discuss is Amazon worth it in 2023? Especially the advantage and disadvantages of rising costs and fees.

One of the most common questions when starting an Amazon FBA business this 2023 is “Is selling on Amazon profitable in 2023?

The short answer is a definite YES however you need to consider the points below. If you’re thinking Amazon is “passive income” you’re going to be very disappointed.

It’s not how it used to be way back when it started, and competition is fierce and growing every day


1. It requires a lot of MONEY. The principles you need to remember to be profitable on Amazon are:

Simply buying a few units will not set you up for success. I know it’s tempting to buy a few units let’s say 100-200 to test but if you did your due diligence when you were researching your product, suppliers, forwarders, etc. you won’t have this doubt.

This goes to show that you’re probably not ready financially and emotionally to go into this business.


Is amazon FBA worth it 2022

Moreover, to do things efficiently and effectively you might need to invest in Amazon product research tools, keyword search tools, logo, manpower, and more.

Data is really important if you want to succeed, and you need reliable tools such as Helium10,  Junglescout to help you find a profitable product and set them up for success in Amazon FBA.

To get started you can start with free tools such as SONAR for keywords, Google trends to search demand, or even just plainly checking products on Amazon with lots of reviews. However, they won’t go as in-depth as paid Amazon tools.  

2. It requires a lot of TIME

You’ll be doing lots and lots of research. You need to research what products to sell and validate the demand and profitability.

You’ll probably be doing this to many possible products as you realize that your product idea won’t be profitable.

Aside from the research phase, shipping takes a while especially when it’s by sea. And, if you want to save money then you’ll choose to ship by sea. Plus, logistics has a lot of issues right now about clogged ports which will delay your product launch.

Getting your product approved also takes a while especially if you lack the paperwork and the know-how to format them according to Amazon standards.

Fragrances, baby products, alcohol, etc. need a lot of paperwork, and you should be prepared to submit them in a way that Amazon understands.

For example, they have their own format of how you should present the information on your safety data sheet if you’re selling a product with fragrance on it and other restricted products.

3. It is very STRESSFUL

Is amazon FBA worth it 2022

If you have a job and a family to take care of then going into this business will take a toll on your health and well-being.

Physically and mentally especially if you don’t have anyone helping you. Hiring an assistant and outsourcing the tasks are great but they come with challenges as well.

If you hired a team to help you, they’ll still continuously need your input & approval for things to go smoothly & to your liking.

Images are something you should really prepare for as it’s the door that makes the customer come in. Canva is a free tool that can help you with this.

Images are the door but in order for the customer to see your product in the first place, you should have put the right keywords which can be found using Helium10 or Jungle Scout.

5. Amazon might just suddenly SUDDENLY your product

There are many horror stories from sellers and accounts we have managed as well. Amazon is notorious for suddenly suspending your listing for many reasons.

Some you’ll be ready to counter immediately but, in some instances, it will take months and months of back and forth with Amazon to resolve your issue. And worst-case scenarios you can’t sell anymore and are stock with lots of inventory and no backup plan.

Competitors hacking your listings, and reporting your business is common especially when your business is starting to succeed. 

1. People are becoming Millionaires because of Amazon FBA.


Is amazon FBA worth it 2022

This is true in the Amazon FBA accounts we manage. The potential is huge and when you think you’ve hit the ceiling, you’ll be surprised how much more you’ll earn by the continuous opportunity given by the platform.

Amazon is always updating its platform with features and better ways for you as an Amazon seller to get more sales and make your life easier.

They have account managers to help you further with your PPC advertising and it’s now possible to easily get a loan from them if you need more funding.

2. It will be PASSIVE at some point

Is amazon FBA worth it 2022

If you have invested in a great system and decide you’re ok with where your business is right now, then selling in Amazon FBA will be passive after some time. 

Building something from scratch is no small feat. You’ll learn a lot and be a completely different person for the better.

Even if you failed you can make use of the skills you have learned along the way. And, with the discipline and grit that you now have, success is inevitable.

Good luck on your journey! You have no idea what’s possible unless you try.

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